About Us
I-activity is an entity that was formed in 2006 by a team of people that has experienced in the advertising industry more than 10 years. Adaptively evolved to the emerging new media we can confidently say that we have a complete expertise and capability of providing wide range solutions. offline and online.
    Understanding the Good brief
We at i-activity understand the importance of having a good understanding and knowledge of a brief, it is a must. Without it any solutions or activity created is meaningless and a waste. It is basic standard that challenging a brief comes first prior to creating the solutions.
  We play with web & social media every day!
The importance of social and online media nowadays are inevitable. We play with web and social media everyday! as an individual, as buyers, as sellers, as influencer, as source of information and many more. All the role that was only available on the 'real world' now is available on the 'virtual world'. This affect how people do their daily routine, how they do their life. We at i-activity believe that when done rightly this new media will open an infinite door to connect a brand with its audience and consumer.